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Video for Business and how to use it

May 17, 2013

Last week Upstate Design Studio announced its partnership with SoMedia Networks to bring professional video production services to our clients. We also told you to check back this week to learn more about what video can do for you and your website. Shall we get started then?

Video is a powerful tool for any business; why else would companies pay millions to get a commercial on T.V.? Because a good video can make people want your service or product without having to see or talk to anyone from your business. It’s like a super salesperson that never sleeps, never complains about working 24/7, and can talk to hundreds of potential clients at the same time! But why is video so important for your website? I mean if they are on your website, they already know who you are and what you offer. Why should you spend the money to add a salesperson when they just want to browse? Truth is, people don’t want to browse anymore. They want instant results, instant access, and instant gratification. People today don’t want to take the time to read all the details of a service, they usually only read the short description and forgo the rest. They don’t have time to waste looking at the finer points of your product. Time is money and the faster your potential customers can consume the information the better.

So how can video help your SEO for your website? For starters you can get yourself on the front page of Google in not only the web searches, but also video searches. This may not be the best part, but getting found in more places is better than not. Where video really helps is being able to embed additional content information in the background as a description of the video that isn’t seen by the public, but crawled by the Google-Bots. This is a good way to boost keywords without making your web page look like you are just trying to increase rank. You can also embed links to your site within those descriptions too. Social Media LOVES video, posting videos on Youtube, Facebook, or any other Social Media can do wonders for your traffic. Just think about your tendencies when you go on Facebook; how often do you read a full article that someone posted? Now think about how often you watch a video someone posted and watch it all the way through… That’s exactly my point. More people look at video than text, so why not take advantage of this powerful tool for your business and website? And now for a little bit of sales pitch… If you are interested in looking at getting a Professional Video made for your business go to to see our services page for video.

If you have any questions, comments, or have something you want us to talk about, Let us know. Some of the best comments and Questions will be posted on the News page at and answered!

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