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Partnering with SoMedia Networks, Inc

May 7, 2013

If you didn’t see the Press Release last week, I am happy to announce that Upstate Design Studio has partnered with SoMedia Networks, Inc. to bring Professional Video Production Services to our clients. We were approached earlier this year by SoMedia about a possible partnership to bring their services to our clients in the Western New York area. After researching the company and the service itself extensively, Upstate Design Studio has decided to add SoMedia’s service to our long list of Business Design and Marketing Solutions.

So why would we want offer video production services to our clients? Well first off adding more services gives us more opportunities for leads, and makes us more appealing to a potential client by having additional options for services they may not have thought about before. Secondly video is not only an excellent marketing tool, but it also helps SEO in the process. As a company that focuses a lot on Web Design, SEO tends to be something that we think about a lot. The world of business, especially online, is constantly changing and becoming more and more streamlined. People don’t want to read about your services if they don’t have to, they want the information fast and concise. Incorporating video into your website can help drive sales because they can make a quick personal connection with your brand and your product or service. Not only that but it is easier to understand the finer details of a service or product when someone explains it instead of reading words on a computer screen. Video is becoming more and more powerful by the day; between Youtube, Grouper, and Vimeo, videos can be found everywhere. Taking advantage of the exposure from video is something that any business can and should add to their marketing campaign.

Upstate Design Studio is growing, and we are always looking for more ways to help our clients and build our audience. This marks a big step for us, and we are excited to take it.

Check back again as we will explore what video does for your business in more detail in our next post.

If you have any questions, comments, or have something you want us to talk about, Let us know. Some of the best comments and Questions will be posted on the News page at and answered!

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