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Social Media and You

April 26, 2013

Social media has been growing at an uncontrollable rate. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Google+ to Pinterest, it’s amazing how connected everyone is. But with all of those connections how can you use that for your business? Well I’m going to let you in on a couple of things that we do at to utilize social media to help bring people to our site and business.

First of all you can’t utilize social media if you aren’t on there. You can’t expect people to just post about you with having a page to “Like” or “+1”. So the first thing we did was get ourselves on the various social networks. We are currently running sites on Facebook, LinkedIn, and wordpress (yes I consider wordpress social media). By the end of the month of April we will also be running a Google+ account and well as getting on Twitter. We have our name and our logo out all over the place. Not only does this help us get our brand in more places, not to mention build links, but it provides us with something even more valuable… Unbiased feedback. As a business that relies on individual customers more than trying to get retail partners, feedback is like gold. Getting feedback about your services, about your customer service, about your actual designs, or even your name, can do wonders for how potential clients see you. If a friend or a past client writes a comment about anything it instantly gives you a little more reputation (whether it’s good or bad is up to making sure your clients are happy).  Social media doesn’t lie, if you treat your customers well they will respond in kind, same goes the other way around too though so it is best to be careful when you get yourself out there.

Using social media for feedback is great, but if you just let the pages sit static no one will go there, let alone leave you a comment. So what are you supposed to post on there? Well you just post whatever you think is important. In the case of we post our most recent project with a small description, we let everyone know when there is a new blog post up, general announcements about changes in the company, whatever people may want to know about your business. Offering a new service? Post it. Do a new website? Post it. The next import thing is to share it using your personal account. When you first start a company page you probably won’t have people searching for your business as they don’t know you are there. Make a post under the business page and then go ahead and sign into your personal account to Like, +1, and SHARE that post with your friends. I know they are your friends, but those likes still count. Not to mention they have people in their network outside of yours. You never know, there could be a potential client just waiting for their friends to recommend a business. Don’t be afraid to spam people with shares, links, post, etc. Everyone is on at a different time, most people will only see the post once and even more don’t scroll down too far to see what people are doing, thus keeping your post at the top more often is very important.

Social media and your business can work very well together. In fact they can be best friends if you let them. The most important thing is to just get on there, and keep posting. The more places you can be found the better.

If you have any questions, comments, or have something you want us to talk about, Let us know. Some of the best comments and Questions will be posted on the News page at and answered!

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