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Recipe for SEO- A pinch of links and a dash of content

April 19, 2013

SEO… is there anything more annoying to research or try to do? Probably not… But everybody needs to be conscious of it, and needs to work with it if you want to get anywhere in the online business. I’m sure that all of you reading this have done the same thing that I did when I first started “OK Google, I need to learn SEO… GO!” and like me I’m sure the only thing you found was ambiguous advice wrapped in a sales pitch. Everything that we could find on SEO was “well build links and write good interesting content”… But that’s like a doctor telling a med student “well go in there and take out the appendix then stitch ‘em up, I’m going golfing”. Sure I know what I have to do, but I don’t know how to get from A to C… Nobody wants to talk about B. Poor B, so lonely and passed over…. He is like the invisible middle child that only gets attention when he acts out.

Well that all changes today, I will bring B into the light and let him get some fresh air! Not a lot, but some. It would take way too long to give you all of that middle stuff between start and finish, but I’m here to get you started. Basically everything up until now you have read probably went something like this “5 steps to SEO, Get a sitemap, robots.txt, Build links, Create content, keep content fresh” and then you get the “we won’t tell you how, just do it and you will be good! Or pay us a bunch of money and let us take care of it! GIVE US MONEY!!!!”  at the end. Well that doesn’t help anybody, because now you just wasted your time and there is no way you are giving them money after that. Thanks for reading, check back later for our next discussion.

I know that was a mean prank, but now we can get to the important stuff. Building Links and Content management are really quite simple in the long run, which is why I question why everyone tries to make it rocket science… Let’s start with links. … There, I’m done. Simple as that, go places and post your full path link. That’s literally all you have to do, go on Facebook, LinkedIn, ehem wordpress ehem, and start a page for your site, or post comments on related articles and end it with a link to your site. Slowly but surely Google will start to see your website linked all over the place and start paying attention.  Everyone thinks that “Link Building” means you need Fortune 500 companies to link to your site to become reputable, but really all you need are links in different places. Although the more reputable the website the higher quality the quality of the link, you can get reputable links very easily. WordPress is actually a very high quality link. So if you start a blog and link to your main website in it, not just in your links section but also within your posts, you are building quality links. And guess what happens when someone follows or shares that blog? Yep, that adds yet another link. Start there and be patient, it’s really that simple. So there is you’re Pinch of Links, mix well and watch it rise.

Next step is to gently fold in the content. If you are building links the way I explain above, through blogs and comments, then you are already adding that dash of content to the mix. Every blog post that links your website, every comment you add, that is all SEO content. As long as you keep the posts and comments relevant to what you do, that content will help your SEO greatly. Blogging not only on wordpress, but also blogging on your main website, helps greatly also, the more pages of content you can have Google crawl the better.  All of my blogs are simultaneously posted on wordpress at and for this reason. I follow my own advice, and it seems to be working pretty well. Now all you have to do is continue to add a dash of content every so often to keep it fresh and your recipe for SEO is complete.

Hope this helps you make some delicious SEO! A little disclaimer: There is a lot more to SEO than just this, and I am writing this with no guarantees that this will bring your website to #1. This is just some tips from my experience that should help you get through the process, not a step by step guide.

If you have any questions, comments, or have something you want us to talk about, Let us know. Some of the best comments and Questions will be posted on the News page at and answered!


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