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Upstate Design Studio: An Introduction

April 11, 2013

Welcome to Upstate Design Studio and I hope you enjoy your stay! This is the first of many Blog Posts that we will simultaneously be posting here and on our on site blog at You are probably wondering why we are posting this in more than one place, but the explanation will come in a later post when we talk about SEO and how to help your site and how we can help yours for you. This post is to introduce the world to the newest design studio on the block, Upstate Design Studio… That’s us!

We are a small business that is the resource you need for any and all design needs for your own small business. We are one of the top web and graphic design companies in Lockport, NY. We do everything from Business cards to Website design, so essentially we are a one stop shop for your business needs. We think it’s not only more convenient to get all of your business design needs taken care of in one place, but also more cost effective and efficient. If you go to one place for your Logo then another for the Website and another for the business cards, not only are you making 3 different calls/emails/etc. but you also run the risk of file types not matching up, font issues (nothing worse for your image than having one font for your logo online and a completely different one on your letterhead or business card), and what happens if your Logo designer makes an update? you then have to collect the files and send them to all three places again! With Upstate Design Studio you only have 1 call to make, 1 price for all of your updates (check out our webmaster services on the website at for more info), and you don’t even need to keep the master files on hand. You can call us and we will make sure everything is updated all at the same time, making your life easier and your business updates painless.

This is just our introduction, come back and see more! If you have any questions, comments, or have something you want us to talk about, Let us know. Some of the best comments and Questions will be posted on the News page at and answered!

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